Shakira does not want to know anything about Spain or Pique, already has a new home; This is the place you choose to live

After all, there seems to be rumors about this Shakira True again, this is less than a week later Singer Colombia officially announced He broke up with Gerard PiqueJournal of Shows The translator has already reported that he has everything ready to go with his children and leave his life Partner.

It looks like Shakira Not wanting to know more about Spain Barcelona And his ex much less, PQAnd he only counts the days he has to go not only to the country but also to the continent, for which he has already chosen his destination: Miami, USA. So the artist is already arranging the migration documents of his two children, Sasha and MilanGo with them as soon as possible.

In addition, I was looking for one New school, As confirmed by the organizers of the program, they can continue their studies “I don’t like gossip”. Eliza Peristine promised Colombian women I spent at least two months preparing everything for the moment of “short jumping” and starting a new life. USA, Yes, with her two children.

Shakira chose Miami as the best place to live with her children

driver “I don’t like gossip”That even promised Shakira You have already chosen the school your children will attend Miami: “ShakiraWe have the information, we can say it, and I have been fixing it for two months Immigration issuesTheir children and looking Schools in Miami Children must be taken to live in Miami. ”

Shakira Decided to return Property Who has been in Miami for more than 10 years, a Luxury caseIt is valued at more than $ 10 million and has already been conditioned They have to return to live in it with their children. According to information provided by Peristine, new curtains have already been placed in the color of the building Paint Rooms and beds included Bedrooms Of children.

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“This House Shakira He bought it when he was dating Argentina Antonio de la RuaBought her when they were together, but fell in love PQ And went Barcelona He has abandoned this very expensive little house, ”guest host Sergio Catalan announced during the broadcast. Program.

Gerard Pique and Shakira After an accusation they decided to end the relationship they had had for at least 12 years Treachery Through the footballer, he will be dating 22 years old Old. According to some entertainment sources, after learning this, The Colombian He would have suggested to his partner that they should take treatment, however, he decided that it would be better for them to stay Divided.

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