Three Brazilians have reasons to defend Italy and they could be crowned against England

There are stories like why players wear blue, not green and yellow. Learn about the path of the Brazilians below

Anyone who sees the serious way Jorkinho, Emerson Palmeri and Rafael Dolly They sing the Italian anthem before the games EurocupLike any colleague, you can count on all three to be born in a European country. However, all three footballers are of Brazilian descent.

This Sunday, the trident will help ‘Assura’ win the competition for the second time in history and break the 53-year-old European title. Competitor England in the final.

There are stories like why all three players wear blue, not green and yellow. Learn about the path of Brazilians below:

Raphael Doloi

Dolly has teamed up with Adalanda, who has struggled for first places in the Italian Championship in recent seasons, in addition to last year’s Champions League quarter-finals and eighth place finish in 2021.

In recent interviews, the defender said he expects a call from Brazilian coach Tito – this has never happened. Defender of the U-20 team that won the South American title and the 2009 World Youth Championship was fined by Ghana and lost in the final.

Without Tito’s call, Dolly became an Italian, first invited by coach Roberto Mancini in March 2021. In the current euro, Raphael He has four games (one of them as a starter).

Rafael Dolly played in more than 130 games and scored six goals for Sao Paulo. However, the defender faced several ups and downs of the team. Despite being grateful to the club, the defender told ESPN in 2015 that he regrets certain circumstances.

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“I think the load on me is normal, but the way things were going at the club, it was too much. There came a time when I played well and they did nothing but do my duty and when there was no team to win, the defense was always to blame, it was always mine, Said the defender.

Defender was bought by Adalanda in the 2015/16 season, five months after being loaned to Roma.


Emerson Palmeri began defending the Italian team in 2017. Winner of the U-17 World Cup in the youth division of the Brazilian team. However, he was never considered for the senior team.

“You go where you want. In Italy, I played for Roma for two or three years, I was as good as I could be. I waited seven months, we didn’t talk about seven days, but months, it’s a lot. I. I found out about it. The Italian national team. Curious. I respect that, but I think I made the right decision, “he told ESPN in 2019.

Born in Santos, the player is the brother of left-back Giovanni Palmeri (formerly Cruciro). ‘S fan Marcelo (Real Madrid) and Alex Sandro (Juventus), the boy won several titles at the Santos in 2013, including the Sவோo Paulo Cup.

Despite the excellent talent, Emerson Suffered from lack of space in professional equipment. “Leo was there, then came Mena, Guilhermo Santos and many more. The competition was huge. I was not very lucky to have minutes because I was young, but I always did what I could,” said the player who played in 33 games.

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The idea of ​​going to Europe came after a disappointment. “I played a lot with Oswaldo de Oliveira, but I had an injury and was out for two months. When I came back I regretted that I had returned as a replacement. Palermo was interested in the loan, so I accepted because I have dual citizenship,” he said.

Before coming to Chelsea in 2017, the player spent three seasons in Rome, where he won important titles: Europa League, FA Cup and Champions League.


He is the only one from the trident who has never played professionally in Brazil to have built his entire life in Italy. Despite shining for several seasons in the Napoli jersey, the Brazilian team never called up a defensive midfielder.

“The Brazilian team has always looked at it from a distance because I never played in a professional way in Brazil. I came here when I was 15. So when Italy opened its doors to me, I could not close them. The factor for coming to Italy at a very young age weighed a lot,” he said. Jorkinho told ESPN in 2018.

When he finally caught the attention of the CBP, he was invited to play with Azura in 2017.

“Edu had a conversation with Caspar. In fact, the topic was a lot at this point. Why? The team had to do it Housemore Y Fernando, Two great players. There were three players for two places. Jorkinho is an international player. With an Italian passport in hand, he can choose one or the other team, ”Jorkinho’s agent Jono Santos explained to ESPN in 2018.

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The midfielder made his debut for Italy in the World Cup play-off match against Sweden. Since then, he has been a constant presence on the team and the highlight of the current edition of the Euro.

Born in Impituba-SC, Jorkinho thanked his mother, Maria Teresa, who was his first coach, for football. At the age of 16, midfielder Hellos moved to Italy to play for Verona and lived for a time in a former monastery.

After borrowing from the Italian Third Division to Samponifasis, he returned to Verona and stood alone. After two and a half seasons, he moved to Rafa Benades’ Napoli. Since the arrival of Marricio Sari in 2015, the Brazilian player has gained prominence in Europe.

The 29-year-old was liked by various clubs in England before signing with a club with Chelsea winning Europa League and Champions League.

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