Three alliances are being formed between political parties in Honduras

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Political parties have only 64 days to sign a total or partial coalition to participate in the upcoming general elections. On November 28 this year.

The problem is that Electoral law and political institutions It mandates that these agreements be registered with the Electoral Authority six months before the election and shortly before the call on May 27.

During these two months, political conditions such as the presidential candidate (an important and difficult issue) and the integrated government plan must be negotiated between other conditions. The current political reality points to three scenarios of possible alliances: two from the opposition and one from the ruling party.

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Prior to the inauguration, Liberal President Louis Xavier announced his alliance with President Salvador Nasrallah. Salvador Party of Honduras (PSH).

If the National Electoral Council (CNE) Yanni declares Rosenthal the winner, Former President Zelaya will no longer join the coalition on behalf of the Liberal Party because he lost the seals and the presidency Central Executive Committee (CCEPL). As a result, according to experts, he will have to leave the Liberal Party to form an alliance with another party’s candidate.

The same situation happens Liberal Tario Panegas And those who can come from Partido Libertad y Refundation (free), among them Wilfredo Montez and Nelson Avila. This alliance between the Liberal and Free Party factions with the PSH will merge with the Innovation and Solidarity Party (PINU). It will be a PSH / Pinu alliance And another party to emerge.

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The second scenario is possible If CNE declares Rosenthal the winner, he will accept control of his party if the partial alliance between Libre and the Liberal Party. The Third National Party is a secure deal that has already been negotiated with some minority parties at the congressional level.

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