‘Those who entered the President’s Fort in mockery of the state of emergency, one is from this country, the others are not’ | Security | news

Ecuadorians and foreigners will be involved in the kidnapping of a businessman living in the urbanization on Av. Samboronton, where President Guillermo Lasso also has his home.

Mayor Cynthia Viteri said Wednesday that the case involves an Ecuadorian and foreigners, as she revealed last week.

“They have entered the presidential urbanization and kidnapped a person,” reveals Mayor Viteri, speaking of insecurity.

According to the police report of the case, the businessman was stopped by motorists in police uniform at the Guayaquil subway and forced to get out of the vehicle.

The criminals neutralized him and put him in their vehicle. They took him to his house in the Samborondón Avenue development.

Police are investigating the abduction of a businessman who was taken to an urbanization and later released on the highway

Viteri mentioned the case again this Wednesday when he talked about insecurity on the radio Huancavilca.

“In mockery of the state of emergency, those who entered the President’s fort, one is from this country and the rest are not from this country. So, if they enter the president’s castle, it’s like saying to him: we can do what we want even with you”, Videri noted.

The official questioned that this happened amid a state of emergency in Guayaquil, Samborondón and Durán.

In this case, he criticized the lack of good controls at the border to prevent the entry of people with criminal background.

He reiterated his plan to hand over the island to the uninhabited Guayaquil for the construction of a prison, since the prison was in the urban area of ​​the city. “That prison is in the middle of the city and the citizens are in danger…”, he continued.

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Mayor Viteri offers an island in Guayaquil to build a prison

He said there are institutions in the world that manage prisons and it is not the government that manages them.

Referring to this approach, Interior Minister Patricio Carrillo said on Tuesday that he was “concerned that initiatives are launched without first seeing what is being done” to learn about the country’s situation.

He recalled that various activities like census, regularization process of foreigners, census of prisons were being carried out to ascertain the reality.

“We have to see (whether it is possible to build on an island) in terms of human rights, because the technical defenders have to go to the island, visits, look at many mechanisms,” he noted. Eguiza.

Asked if the municipality would be willing to take control of the jails, Viteri said the council has other powers. (YO)

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