Bofo Bautista starts against America and Televisa commentators: they are well paid

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The Rojiblanco statue was not silent amid the fresh controversy over the refereeing, which continued to appear in favor of the Azulgremas.

© Imago7Bofo Bautista accused the commentators of defending America

A statue of Adolfo Bautista, Chivas de Guadalajara, has the character of having nothing saved And from last weekend Alejandro Zendejas made a difficult tackle in the match between America and Tigres, he published his feelings because they did not expel the organs from the capital, For this reason, in the match against San Luis, the refereeing was again in favor of Azulgrema and the former scorer exploded on social networks.

Tuesday night Aguilas played against the Potocinos and there is a clear absence of Diego Valdez in one of the annotations. On the defender of the visitors, it ended in a goal, unleashing new criticism for the Nazarene system, which once again allowed the team led by Fernando Ortiz to take advantage one way or another, Boffo also blasted the TUDN commentators for that.

Former member of the Sacred Flock and champion in 2006 with José Manuel de la Torre As a technician, he has always been an ardent anti-American, and every time he can express it very clearly and forcefully, on this occasion, he even took the time to attack the staff of the TV station. Not much was due to Valdez’s apparent lack before scoring the second goal for the US.

“I already said, another gift for Willows. And the saddest part is the well paid commentators, pSo they defend the willows and speak well”. Boffo posted on his official Twitter account where many Chivas followers agreed with him. It started against the Whistlers’ work in Toluca after the weekend, where they pummeled Guadalajara.

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Is Mediation Helping America?

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Later on Batista also commented on former whistleblower Felipe Ramos Rizzo’s tweet that referee Victor Alfonso Caceres didn’t even notice. Chile’s Offensive Dice: “The former referee knows that”, A short text by Adolfo Bautista tipped the balance toward yellow, leaving behind a series of controversial works by the Nazarenes. Last Sunday Chivas had a goal disallowed and a penalty already pointed by Cesar Ramos.


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