Espacio Madresfera: In Search of the Lost Autonomy

After the summer holidays, we return to the “Espacio Madresfera” course for a meeting entitled “In Search of Lost Autonomy: Technology, Family, and Hypervigilance”. journalist Caroline DiniaAttorney Borja Adswara and family mediator Alexander Rodrigo They will be the guests at this show.

One of the most stressful characteristics of children, these cute, helpless creatures, are that they demand attention most of the time. Their survival depends largely on the care and supervision of adults: that they have food, that they are not cold, that their safety is guaranteed, and that they are safe from all kinds of dangers. When it starts moving, know where it is, keep it under control, under our radar and always close at hand.

Balancing the need to control families with the need to know how to handle themselves and face the world has become a formidable challenge for parents and their children. How far do we go to take care of our sons and daughters? How do we protect them from danger while allowing them to fend for themselves?

In recent decades, this already complex equation, excessive parenting vs. Neglecting care, a complex component has been added: technology. Technological devices, real-time location applications, and developments in wearable And what comes with AI or metaverses begs an interesting question for us as a society when it comes to addressing children’s autonomy in the face of their parents’ supervision: Does technology, in this context, help or cheat? How do we find the balance between healthy supervision and excessive vigilance harmful to children?

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In this new “Espacio Madresfera” we will discuss these and other questions on this issue with experts in education, family, legality and technology. Led and directed Monica from the fountainwill rely on the presence and wisdom Caroline Diniatech-savvy journalist, Borja AdswaraLawyer, Educator, Distributor and Expert in Family Mediation Alexander Rodrigo. And with them, we will try to find the difficult middle point between the beneficial achievements that technology offers us and the less positive side of excessive protection and dependence on digital and Internet resources for minors and their families. Plus, as in every “Espacio Madresfera,” the little ones will have an educational workshop at their disposal while recording the podcast.

To attend, you can book your free ticket in this post.

This meeting will be translated into LSE and can be followed live on our website and on networks with Ticks #SpaceMothersphere.

Later, you can enjoy in our site Media Library And also as a podcast on the major platforms.

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