He came out of the closet: After 25 years of hiatus, Televisa’s protagonist comes to ‘Hoy’ and immerses himself in ‘VLA’.

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Mexico City.- A famous conductor and Former soap opera starWorked for more than 30 years Televisa Y He came out of the closet Several years ago, it reappeared on the networks Today’s plan And hit hard Happiness will come of Aztec TV. About Yolanda AndradeOne who remains silent and does not answer Laura Zapata After the villain asks her sister for help Thalia To top it off, it assured her that “if anything happened to her” she was responsible.

Yolanda made her debut in melodramas in 1991 I don’t believe in menHe landed his first leading role the following year ulterior motives with Christian Castro. In 1993 he acted To see heaven with Peter FernandezAnd then made her a villain Family portraitFor a later star Foreign feelings with Charles Bones Again as the enemy No one has children. This was her last telenovela project in 1997, after which she retired from melodrama.

Yolanda Andrade in ‘Other People’s Feelings’

As you may recall, the 50-year-old from Sinaloa focused on driving for more than 20 years. He is currently headlining a program aired by impossible Montse & JoThere he works with his ex-girlfriend, a driver Montserrat Oliver. Yolanda was openly lesbian and had relationships with various women Lorraine MeridanoFormer Educationist Melissa GalindoMontserrat claimed Oliver and he first married the actress in a symbolic ceremony Veronica CastroAlthough she always denied it.

There was a time when it was rumored that he was even with Thalia, a version that reached the ears of Zapata, who later took care of his mother. Yolanda Miranda Mange Presumably he disapproved of Sinaloans’ friendship with his sister. After engaging in a publicity battle in recent days, now Yolanda is sending a huge message to the soap opera villain, with her statements being picked up by the networks. Today’s plan.

The audio was sent to the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, bluntly replied: “What does that have to do with the issue of my friendship with Talia? That’s a different matter. I think we saw more of Ms. Yolanda and I than Laura Zapata and Ms. Yolanda.” In addition, he assured the actress that she no longer knows how to divert attention from the crazy comments she made about Mexicans: “You said we were some ‘Huave’ and then you repented and wanted to clarify that you are bad. Off, as always , you always include your sister Talia” .

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Laura Zapata, Yolanda Andrade and Talia

Finally, he didn’t hesitate to challenge Laura so she wouldn’t talk publicly about the translator. Mexican loveAssuring she has nothing to do with the controversy: “She always puts Talia in. I challenge her, please, don’t do an interview again and don’t put her sister in. Let’s see what she’s going to say. What does Talia have to do with what you’re saying? You You are old enough to take responsibility, Ms. Laura Zapata, he concluded about what you are saying.

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