This will be the shirt away from the boomas

On social networks, pictures were leaked of what the new shirt would look like Poomas The next opening is for 2021 and the closing is for 2022. The navy blue can be seen in gold tone with the traditional boomas armor on the new university jacket.

There is a darker tone on the edges of the neck and shirt sleeves. The unique touch of this Poomas T-shirt is carved in all dark colors, which divides the dress into irregular shapes.

Unlike the costumes of the past, this time the Boomas armor has two sponsor logos. Three sponsorship logos are visible on the back of the shirt. On the right sleeve you can see the logo of another of the university supporters.

Poomas will open the competition next Saturday, July 25, when the Atlas will be held at Ciudad University.

For this Aberdura 2021, the team led by Andres Lilini will be one of the key casualties of his team, when he will stop the service of striker Juan Pablo Wigan, who was signed by Tigress next season.

At the peak of the Puma for the next match, Brazilian midfielder Hicor Merito is coming to the Brazil University team to make up for the loss of Juan Pablo Wigan.

Jose Rojiro and Washington Coroso are other elements coming to the university campus for Aberdera 2021

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From the Mexican context, the Puma return to Efr

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