This is the largest villa signed by Clarissa Molina in the Dominican Republic!

If there is something you deeply desire Clarissa MolinaHis country is the Dominican Republic.

The driver carries it as a flag wherever he goes. That's why, despite living in Miami all these years, one of his biggest dreams was to own a house on his own land.

A dream almost come true! After announcing his big move weeks ago, he has now revealed what this special space he wants to enjoy with his family will look like.

“What better way to celebrate our Dominican independence, because today my dream begins to come true! I signed the contract for my new house in Paseo Isleno, an impressive project in Punta Cana,” said the winner of Premio Lo Nuestro as host.

(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images)

How about this place that gives so many happy moments to the hostess?

When signing with an architect, Yermis pen, described the characteristics of this house, the pleasant house. “I'm going to sign, I'm going to get my first house!” Molina began to say with great joy. Of the three available models, he chose the Icaria villa.

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The villa is huge and has 4 bedrooms. “I need a lot of space, you know the family I have? A lot of family,” she said, happy to be able to enjoy this private project with her family.

He promises that this place, beyond relaxation and pleasure, will also serve for inspiration. “It will be one of my favorite places to create,” he concluded with a big smile, dreams come true.

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