Mark Antony’s wife reappears with an important announcement about her impending delivery

Mark Antony’s wife Nadia Ferreira has become the center of attention, Well, now that she is in the final stages of her pregnancy, her followers want to know everything she is up toAnd so he was once again the subject of conversation, this time it was for an important announcement about his baby.

After revealing what she is doing with the son or daughter, she is pregnant. An act of alienating her husbandNow like Paraguay With all indications that his blessing was yet to be born, he caused a stir by releasing some words that unleashed emotion and tension.

All the details! Nadia Ferreira reveals what she’s doing with her baby, but Marc Anthony is left out

The Miss Universe finalist surprised her nearly three million followers on Instagram She outlined her pronounced pregnant belly while posing in a colorful knitted mini dress. But the strangest thing about this snapshot is that Nadia accompanied it with an obvious text indicating the countdown to her baby’s birth: “Soon you’ll be in my arms!!”, she famously wrote.

In the picture, the beauty queen is seen wearing a yellow, pink and white, halter knit mini dress. Apart from this, Nadia wears a white cap with rhinestones to hide herself from the sun. Her fans are hoping that this cute postcard might be one of the last cards that show her belly, so it didn’t take long for them to send her all kinds of messages, thanking her for sharing these details about her sweetie. wait

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All the details! Nadia Ferreira’s baby shower pictures spark intrigue and the obligatory question arises

But before Ferreira’s announcement, On his Instagram profile, Mark posted a photo of the translator in which he appears to be getting out of a black van in a closed parking lot, possibly behind a building. A phrase that Mark wrote about this mysterious photo caused even more excitement among his fans: “Guess where I am?”Words that shocked many, because it could be a hospital.

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