This is the flight schedule between Cuba and Canada for May 2023

As in each month, the authorities of the Cuban airport company known as ECASA provide the schedule of flights to and from each of its operating air terminals. Currently one of the main links the island maintains is Canada, the main source country for tourists. Flights, as is logical, are monopolized by tourist poles.

According to this information, Air Transat will continue to operate one flight to and from Montreal and one flight to and from Toronto via Holguín Airport on Tuesdays. Wed 1 inbound flight to and from Halifax. Thursday arrives to and from Toronto. Sunday 1 inbound flight to and from Montreal.

Whereas Sunwing, the most active airline from Canada to the entire country, flies to Holguín this way. Monday 1 Getting to and from Montreal. Tuesday 1 is coming from Toronto and departs for Montreal and 1 is from Montreal and departs for Toronto. First Wednesday arriving to and from Montreal.

Sunwing also connects, the next Friday the 1st from Toronto departing to Montreal and the 1st coming Friday from Montreal departing to Toronto. On Saturday 1 arrives to and from Montreal and 1 arrives from Toronto, heading towards Santa Clara – Toronto. Sunday 1 Arrival to and from Montreal; 1 to and from Toronto and 1 to and from Halifax.

At the tourist pole of Cayo Coco, access for these links is also high. AIR CANADA will continue to operate Wednesdays from Toronto. Thursday from Montreal. Saturday from Montreal. Air Transat, Monday from Toronto, Halifax and Montreal. Wed from Quebec. Saturdays from Montreal and Toronto. Sundays from Montreal.

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To the “Jardines del Rey”, Cayo Coco, Sunwing also flies on Mondays from Toronto. Tuesdays from Montreal, Toronto and Quebec. Wednesday from Toronto. Thursdays from Montreal, Toronto and St. John’s. Friday from Toronto. Saturdays from Montreal, Toronto and Moncton. Sunday from Toronto.

To another tourist pole like Varadero, Sunwing also has multiple connections in May 2023. Mondays from Varadero to Toronto and Montreal. Tuesdays from Varadero to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec and Edmonton. Wednesdays from Varadero to Montreal and Toronto. Thursday from Varadero to Montreal and Toronto. Fridays from Varadero to Montreal and Toronto. Saturdays from Varadero to Saint John, Sundays only from Varadero to Toronto and Montreal.

To Varadero AIR TRANSAT is serviced on Mondays from Varadero to Toronto. Tuesday from Varadero to Montreal. Thursday from Varadero to Toronto and Montreal. Friday from Varadero to Montreal. Saturdays from Varadero to Montreal and Toronto. Sundays to Halifax, on the 14th. Air Canada flies Thursdays from Varadero to Toronto. Saturdays from Varadero to Montreal. Sundays from Varadero to Toronto.

There are also many flights from Canada to Santa Clara Airport, which is the closest link to Cayo Santa Maria beaches and hotels. Air Transat with two weekly operations. Wed 1 operation with origin and destination toronto. Sunday 1 operation with origin and destination Montreal. Sunwing conducts eight operations a week with this air terminal.

Through the “Cayo Largo del Sur” airport located on the island of La Juventud, the airline SUNWING will continue to operate every Friday. Vilo Acuña International Airport (Cayo Largo). One Friday flight from Toronto and Montreal. There are no flights from Canada to Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba. According to the latest ECASA update, there are also no direct flights from Canada to the Cuban capital.

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