This is Shakira’s luxury mansion in Miami

The past few months have been very complicated for Shakira, as the Colombian singer had to deal with her breakup, photojournalists, rumors that the press found about her, etc. Fortunately, Shakira has decided to focus on her career and children, and it is for this reason that the singer decided to leave Barcelona and move to Miami.

Shakira will move to Miami to start a new life and focus on her personal projects. Fortunately, after reaching a series of deals with Gerard Pique, his children Sasha and Milan will be accompanying him. Shakira’s choice as her new permanent home is a mansion she bought 20 years ago while in a relationship with Argentine singer Antonio de la Rua. Although he bought it for a pittance in 2001, the mansion is currently worth $16 million.

Shakira’s house is distributed over 750 square meters, 2 thousand square meters with views and exclusive access to the sea. The interior is decorated in light colors, it has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, several living rooms, a kitchen, a gym and a swimming pool. The Colombian singer hired an interior designer to adapt the mansion to her children’s needs, and for that reason added a room for watching movies and another room for playing video games.

The mansion has a billiards room, its own recording studio and a dance hall. Shakira’s property is located on an exclusive stretch of North Bay Road Drive, where the mansions of celebrities such as Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez are also located. On the other hand, the house is located in an area that is not easily accessible to photojournalists. This way Shakira can have a lot of privacy and peace.

What will happen to Pique?

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While Shakira contemplates her future surrounded by her children, the footballer contemplates inviting his new girlfriend, the young Clara Chia Marti, to live with him in his mansion in Barcelona. Many journalists even assure that the young woman is pregnant. None of the protagonists have confirmed the news, but the rumor is gaining momentum. This way, the player will stay in Spain and not move to Miami, as he is said to be closer to his children initially.

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