A Cuban Amazon deliveryman doesn’t understand the restrictions in Miami

A Cuban delivery man Amazon He did not understand the restrictions in Miami, as evidenced in a video shared on social networks.

Delivering a package in a fenced-in neighborhood was problematic for an employee who couldn’t wait for the door to open.

However, Cuban did the “Amazon Flex” (that’s what he called the entry technique) and managed to slip through a crack under the fence, then started running in search of the customer’s house.

Cuban friends who laughed at the delivery man’s incident recorded the scene and shared the video on the comedy site. lmfaoamiami.

The attitude of the young employee of the e-commerce company is completely opposite to that of the Cuban TikToker – he is an Amazon worker. He refused to carry a package to the third floor saying it was too heavy and too hot.

“If they want it, they come here and look for it,” he was heard saying on camera, as he continued to complain about the heat and the weight of the pack.

His direct response was met by another Cuban employee of FedEx who reluctantly lectured the delivery man.

“When a customer pays for a service, the service has to be completed by the driver or whoever. You can’t be afraid of workThe FedEx employee explained that he shouldered two 35-pound boxes and carried them up the stairs to the third floor.

“Daddy, that’s how it is in America, when the client pays, the service should be done the same way,” he said, “climb on one shoulder holding the other as much as you can.” he added.

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The proliferation of Cuban employees at the Miami headquarters of these thriving “delivery” companies encouraged influencers. Christopher Gomez A so-called Christophe Criollo- made a parody video on the subject.

The influencer portrayed what Cubans who work as Amazon delivery drivers are like on stage. Confident, bold, chatty, talkative and a little lazy to climb some stairs.

According to Christophe, Amazon delivery drivers — if they’re Cuban — can ask you for a glass of water, offer you other services, tell you things about their lives, or give you your opinion.

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