This is “La Colmena”: the complex mines that erupted in Suddausa, Cundinamarca

The blast site has been recorded at Suddausa, Kundinamarka. Jesus Aviles – Infobae

Members of the early morning Red CrossHe fire brigade, Colombian Geographical ServiceHe Technical Research Corps, Civil Defense and other control agents achieved hole miningIn the municipality of Sutatausa, department of Cundinamarca, Ubaté province, after recording a large explosion.

This mine is interconnected with others, so the incident is balanced More than a tenth of the workers died Some were also arrested. As the hours ticked by, officials continued to work to rescue the trapped miners, but the structure had to be taken into account. It is 900 meters deep.

Regarding the malpractice, the Governor of Kundinamarka, Nicholas GarciaThe explosion was reported to have occurred during the night El Cajon areaWhere they work underground Extract the coal manually.

Other references in this regard were made by the President Petro Mentioned the case in his account Twitter: “What happened was an unfortunate tragedy Suddausa is mine11 people died”. He also mentioned that all efforts are being made to rescue the trapped miners alive.

Pedro mentioned the Sutatausa mine explosion on his social networks. Jesus Aviles – Infobae

It is noteworthy that the fire department saidAlvaro FarfanInterviewee Blue radioMines abounded Methane gas And Coal dust The fusion that caused the explosion in the early morning. “These five mines were connected to each other and there was a chain reaction. The explosion of one mine was triggered, then the other four”, He pointed out Farfan In the above context.

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Random response from Governorate announced the establishment of Integrated command postFurther implementation Special Operations Unit in Emergencies And Emergencies and emergency regulatory system (Crew). Mine rescue personnel are also present at the site National Corporation of Mines.

The location is in the mining title and company name Mines and Minerals ElectricityIt has been offered since 2002 and It is valid till 2032. There is an on-site operation environment file and works under contract Grant L685.

This point covers an area 502 hectares And was about 45 mine entrancesLocated between municipalities Kukunuba and Sudadausa. The license in the exploration program is anthracite, metallurgical coal, thermal coal and inert minerals.

It should be noted that National Corporation of Mines Operations at the mine were suspended Miners After the explosion, 11 people died. Zahir HernandezSecretary Mines and Energy of KundinamarkaComment: “This is a company-owned coal mine Mine Miner SA It has 12 and 14 partners and Environmental license and is a strong and integrated company in the mining title and region.

As the Mines Secretary had commented a few days back, monitoring and advice was generated in the mine and the response to obtaining permission to enter the mine was not forthcoming.

El Hoyo Mine, Suddausa, Kundinamarca. Google Maps

Mining is one of the most important economic activities in the country, with an annual production of approx. 85 million tonnesAlmost mirror figures twenty% of Gross domestic product of the country. At present the country has measured the coal reserves of the order 6.5 billion tonnes and estimated potential resources 15 billion tonnes, 90% It is a part of metallurgy 47% According to the data obtained by, the heat in the region National Corporation of Mines In relation to ore.

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As economic activities are carried out in the country, some related political issues such as patterns of development and industrialization have changed. Energy sovereigntyLivelihoods of communities directly or indirectly associated with mining in the country.

Mines KundinamarkaBoyacá, Antioquia and Valle del Cauca were the first to be mentioned in the country’s history. XIX century A nearby production 1.15 million tonnes It should be noted that in 1940, this material was initially implemented to provide heat to factories, salt kilns and brick kilns in the country.

Over time, this material was integrated into a development tool Create company By Act 45 of 1947In which state industrialization policies are promoted by the current President, Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. It was created three years after the European continent stepped forward in signing up Steel and Coal Agreement.

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