Carlos Reynoso has claimed Oribe Peralta for signing with Chivas Mediotimpo

It’s been almost four years Orib Peralta He left the line America to sign with Sivas; However, he said the movement continues to be developed ControversyHis statement is proof of that Carlos ReynosoHistoric cream-blue.

Legends disagreed with Oribe’s signing with Chivas

Once upon a time Discussion Forum They pre-arranged the discussion with some legends of eagles and the sacred flock A national classic Name of Clausura 2023 brush.

He also participated in the talks Demetrius MaderoHe shared what he felt after finding out 2019 That Orip I will play with the Guadalajara shirt.

“I don’t like Oribe Peralta coming to Chivas, he kicked me, and when he came I felt a pain here (in my body), it was not worth it. I respect the life of Oribe Peralta a lot, he is a great soccer player, Olympic champion and everything, but I didn’t do anything in Chivas”.

What did Carlos Reynoso say about Oribe Peralta?

After the said statement, Carlos Reynoso He admitted the news to the ex-footballer after he joined the Rojiblancos, the team that ended his playing career.

“I came (to Guadalajara) as a technician once and I met Oribe and told him ‘The worst misfortune you have sent here is that you have come here'”

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