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If James Rodriguez was already creating problems because he was already there, everything would have exploded with the arrival of Reynolds Ruda. DP did not take it into account for Copa America.

When this was not taken into account by the qualified Reynoldo Ruda, Colombia ’10a spoke through a statement, but after running out of space USA Cup, Everton Player did not save anything on the broadcast made on Instagram.

Fastino asks James for the names of former footballers who criticize him.

In an interview with ESPN, former world champion Fastino Aspirilla, who has been with the Colombian national team all his life, described what James Rodriguez was doing as “stupid”.

“It happened to me at the 1994 World Cup qualifiers. I didn’t play because I was angry, I did the stupid things James did, I came out brave, I fought.”.

Aspirilla asks for clarity

There is debate as to whether the current generation of footballers in Colombia was more led by Carlos Volderrama than they appeared in the late 80s. James Rodriguez Enters into that controversy and during its exchange he criticized many former players without naming them.

Aspirilla points out that it is better to say James’ names: “I don’t know if James is talking about everyone. I want James to come out and tell me who they are. When she fights Freddie Ringen, it seems very strange to me that he catches her with everyone. So be brave: ‘Freddie, you’re just talking.’ When did we talk badly about that guy?

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