This is how you resolve the “immigration error” before Saime to process the passport

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The Administrative Service for Identity, Migration and Immigration (SAIME) has a solution to the so-called “immigration error” that many Venezuelans experience when processing their passport or extension.

This was reported by Gustavo Vizcano, director of the Venezuelan Documentation Institute, who explained that this problem, which is actually called “immigrant life”, appears for those guys who left the country irregularly and did not stamp their passports.

“I cannot grant a document request from Venezuela abroad. Your migrant movement tells us that you are making a request outside of Venezuela, when the organization tells us that you are here,” he added.

“You should come to the SAIME central office in Caracas and open up about it to fix your immigration life,” he insisted. In addition, they have to pay fees.

“Here we are going to put stamps on him and reveal his life as a migrant. However, you will have to pay for that transgression you committed, because you did it, not SAIME,” he pointed out.

He pointed out that even if Venezuelans with this problem get their passports stamped, they should go to the SAIME central office in Caracas.

However, it did not clarify whether the fee should also be paid.

These are the two errors that appear on the Chime website:

1 “Dear Citizen. You do not have registered immigration movements, therefore, your situation only allows you to carry out national procedures. Otherwise, visit our SAIME Head Office, Floor 3, Directorate of Immigration.

2 “Dear Citizen. Your immigration status tells us that you are requesting a consular procedure and that you have entered the country, otherwise visit our main headquarters at SAIME, Floor 3, Immigration Address.

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