This is how we saw Checo Perez’s fifth place in the sprint race in Brazil

Checo Perez performed well in the 2022 sprints and will now look to regain a good starting position in Interlagos.


Sprint podium

  1. Russell

  2. Signs (penalized -5 poses)

  3. Hamilton

George Russell wins. Second place is Carlos Sainz, but with a penalty he will start 7th. Lewis Hamilton 3rd. Checo Perez finished 5th, 10th. The man from Guadalajara will start 4th on Sunday thanks to a Sainz penalty.

Last lap…

On the pit straight, Hamilton passes Verstappen. That Red Bull’s performance dropped. Medium tires don’t perform as well as expected. Norris passed Magnussen and Bollman of the race was already P8 – the last position to award points in the sprint.

Sainz overtakes Max Verstappen and Ferrari is second. He has five ranks pending fine. Hamilton attacks the champion’s injured Red Bull (having lost a front wing end plate after a battle with Chains).

A lap later Russell took two and a half from Verstappen’s RB. Watch out for Mercedes tomorrow… Mercedes haven’t won a single race this year.

Lap 15/24: George Russell passes Verstappen. Hamilton attacks the Ferrari of Sainz. Good sprint in Interlagos.

A good fight between Mercedes and Red Bull and Synce, with Mercedes coming within a second. The Honda engine gives the Red Bull a lot, allowing it to hold its own against a solid Mercedes in the corners.

Russell overtook Verstappen for first place. Sainz can’t follow the pair, he’s third and Hamilton is closing.

Check P4. He went to Magnuson’s Haas.

Cechko passes Norris and now goes to Magnussen. PĂ©rez started P5, P10, already a good sprint for the Mexican. Carlos Sainz, who is in 3rd place, has to remember that he has a five-stage penalty pending on Sunday’s stage.

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Lewis Hamilton passed Magnussen and Lewis moved into P4. Norris vs Magnussen and Perez attack McLaren. Leclerc was 3 seconds behind the Mexican before he was caught by Gasley.

Perez passes Esteban and the Mexican moves to P7. Meanwhile, Haas continues to lose positions: Magnussen is already P4; Russell and Sines passed.

Max Verstappen was already in P1 when he made a pass on Magnusson’s Haas. He passed on Senna’s ‘es’ on the inside of the bend without major problems. Now Russell attacks Kevin. Czech ranks 8th.

George Russell attacks Max Verstappen. Mercedes is with red tire and Red Bull is with yellow. Fernando Alonso dropped to 10th. He had a problem with a teammate. Lewis Hamilton passes Ogan in P6.

Kevin Magnussen takes first place. Alpine almost hit. Checo Perez is P9.

Max Verstappen will start on a medium tyre. Magnussen starts with red (softer, faster). Checo Perez goes with an even faster but less durable rubber. Build…

Grill release

  1. Magnussen

  2. Verstappen

  3. Russell

  4. Norris

  5. Signs

  6. or with

  7. Alonso

  8. Hamilton

  9. Perez

  10. Leclerc

  11. Alban

  12. like gas

  13. cutting

  14. Ricciardo

  15. Stroll

  16. Latifi

  17. Joe

  18. Boots

  19. Sunoda

  20. Schumacher

Cars and drivers are already in the starting phase. Kevin Magnussen from first place, with Haas. It was the Dane’s first pole in F1 and Haas’s first since entering F1 in 2016.

Czech Perez Qualifying under the sprint format established last season and seeking to achieve its best result in the race. Formula 1.

This weekend Sao Paulo GPThis new format will be the sixth time the ‘Great Circus’ has tried to innovate and six more races are planned for next year.

Mexican Czech Perez With the aim of improving on what was achieved in previous editions, its highest level is third in the grid. Brazilian GP In 2021. However, it was out of Q3 last quarter Austrian GP There he finished 13th.

Even he couldn’t stand out enough Sprint race There he finished in the top three only once Emilia Romagna G.B, who finished in third place. In fact, in his first race, he had to retire a lap later due to a spin that left the track while fighting. Lando Norris In British GP in 2021

But the trend promises to change where this Friday could be Czech Perez Fastest driver ahead of 4 thousandths in first free practice Charles Leclerc and 8 from his team Max Verstappen At Interlagos Circuit.

Currently Czech PerezVice-leader in the Drivers’ World Championship with 280 points, five points more than its main rival Charles Leclerc. The rider from Guadalajara could take second place Formula 1 Inside Brazil with mixed results.

The Sprint race Defines the starting position – even if the pole goes statistically Kevin Magnussen-. Distribute points from level 1 to 8: first gets 8 points and eighth gets one.

With information from Sebastian Aceves.

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