Rumor | USA and LTTE fight over ‘Fichaje Bamba’ issue

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Eagles of America They want to return in a better way MX League! And for this, the committee led Ferdinand Ortiz With the aim of being one of the candidates for the title, it wants to pursue important changes and changes. Competition Closing 2023.

For this, recent reports have suggested that ‘Dano’ is more interested in strengthening the attacking zone with a footballer in particular, but apparently, he is not the only one who wants to enrich his attacking force with one of the best. National football players.

What is going on between the US and the Tigers?

According to the most recent reports, various rumors have started doing the rounds that it is confirmed after his exit. Michael Herrera of tigers, Diego Coca will alternate ‘Lice’ If that happens, the trainer is expected to be born Buenos Aires, Argentina Reinforcement and recruitment request Julian QuinonesThe 25-year-old striker has given good and satisfactory accounts Atlas red and black, This move also caused him to put the US on his radar.

Data from Diego Coca’s alleged plan

But sports experts believe that Diego has a huge advantage in the competition America Club For the services of Quinones, he already knows the striker and twice directed him during the Guadalajara Championship.

At this time, top US officials have not touched on the matter, but more information is expected to be released in the next few hours to find out what will happen to Julian, and above all, some speculated groups will do something about it.

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