This is how KP Spanik, who has undergone cosmetic surgery, looks like News from Mexico

Mexico City.- To end the year with an achievement in his personal life, KP Spaniard underwent a series of cosmetic treatments It promised to improve her figure and make her feel more confident Seems to have met your expectations.

The actress later proved this Share the results and progress of the process Through a funny video he appeared in a black dress, which is very close to his body and shows how his curves are now.

It should be noted that only a month ago the star of different soap operas agreed to make some “aesthetic corrections” when entering the operating room. Liposcopy, buttock lift and skin tightening.

And a few days ago Spanish uploaded a video showing the results She had to go through these surgeries to get the body shape she wanted, but what amazed her thousands of fans the most was that the celebrity looked absolutely happy and beautiful.

The clip was uploaded from the account of his plastic surgeon Dr. Luis Atilio Gil Perez. Gabriela Helena Spanish Utrera, The full name is popular, one of the glass front model The tight dress highlighted her shadowThe 48-year-old makes it clear that he is better than ever.

42 days evolution and look at how it is. Our beautiful gabyspanictv sent us this video on how she is recovering and how her results are happening. Is amazing “reads the description with various emojis.

Highlighted applauded users in the comments KP Spanish Because of daring to perform surgery They said it was worth it And it seemed incredible, and he congratulated the expert on these practices for the excellent work he had done.

“You are beautiful, you are a great working doctor”, “You are beautiful”, “You are beautiful as always”, “Beautiful, Dr. Luigi has left his divinity”, “Incredible work! KP You are more beautiful than ever. Queen of Venezuela”, Venezuela Some expressions of the actress’ fans.

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