This is how Christian Bowen plays, a potential reinforcement of Cruz Azul

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The surgery is not easy, but it is progressing. Christian Bavon He was already aware of the machine’s interest and allowed it to go into negotiations. The Argentine footballer will come as a cherry on a team cake, even if it goes through a rebuild, little by little he was able to build a competitive team in search of a new championship.

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The life of the Pompeo attacker went through various stages. For a moment he was considered one of the best pearls of Argentine football, however, his growth was slow. The striker made his debut in Talleres and soon moved to the Boca Juniors Club, where he lived his best years. He has scored 33 goals in 155 games and provided 40 assists. He was in the galaxy for a while. There in the United States Pavone scored 14 goals in 35 games and gave up nine passes.

Beyond the numbers, talking about Pavon is talking about a footballer with important qualities. The Argentina This can be done in practice at all three ends of the attack, although it is more common to see it from the left. His punch and defining ability help keep him close to the goal.

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This quality has allowed Pavon to put in a good game before the goal. The attacker knows how to move into the area and usually finds a good ending position, always focusing on precise movement to find the gap marked by his teammates. He can be defined with both feet, however his thing is to hit him from the right side.

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One of Pavon’s main strengths is his unusually long-distance punch. At the gate. The 25-year-old footballer was patented as a left-hander for the Guards, and in those races the interception towards the center and a shot measured from the boundary of the area were well adjusted to the goalkeeper’s distant post. This movement is similar to what “Capacita” did many times Blue Cross What good did it do him.

An important point is to highlight its sub-quality. Pavón not only scores, but attends. This situation often allows him to act as a second attacker; I mean, it could be a good partner Santiago Kimines.

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