‘Don’t look up’: why this black sci-fi comedy is giving us something to talk about


January 1, 2022 21:42 GMT

Beyond the polarization caused by the production and its importance or not as a cinematographic piece, its real value lies in all the discussions it is generating.

‘Don’t Look Up’, the hit Netflix film directed by Adam McKay, has been a topic of conversation since its premiere on the platform on December 24, and has generated impressions of all kinds on social media.

This black science fiction comedy, starring Hollywood greats such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, focuses on two astronomers who discover an apocalyptic comet that will destroy the Earth in six months, before which both the American government and the most of today’s society react by disregarding scientific evidence.

Under this plot, the critical score is not entirely satisfactory (55% on the review and review website for film and television Rotten Tomatoes) and the opinions of the viewers are strongly divided.

According to the portal GizmodoBeyond the polarization caused by production and its importance or not as a cinematographic piece, its real value lies in all the discussions it is generating around topics such as the media, social networks and mainly climate change. And although the list of tapes that have addressed the environmental issue is extensive, ‘Do not look up’ is taking advantage of the “era of diffusion of social networks” to provoke debate and also demonstrates the need to address the current climate crisis, even from the cinema and the arts, points out the technology and science website.

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“Climate silence”

A 2016 analysis of Yale and George Mason Universities in the US finds that more than half of Americans who are interested in global warming or think the topic is important “rarely” or “never” they talk about it with family and friends. This phenomenon may be the consequence of what scientists call a “spiral of climate silence”, in which the most influential media do not cover these contents because they believe that they are not worthwhile or important.

Faced with this situation, the production of Netflix, using a cast of movie stars and extensive promotion, has sown in common people the need to express their opinion on issues that are not easy for everyone to understand and that many they avoid trying, because they do not know enough or think that they are purely political issues.

Whether or not the film is the best at what it seeks to imply takes a back seat because more importantly, it is causing a reaction amid the growing avalanche of climatic disasters.

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