The pedestrian circle of La Coruña is gaining space and is now approaching the Sagrada Familia

Avenida de Arteixo, between Sagrada Familia and Ramón Cabanillas streets, is the subject of a parade starting Wednesday that will give continuity to a pedestrian roundabout that will connect San Diego Park to the future Observatory Park, in Agra do Ourzán. In this phase, as work begins today, accessibility between Os Mallos and Sagrada Familia will be improved by redesigning the existing pedestrian crossing, which will be raised. This work will also include expanding transit areas, adding new green areas, and renovating street furniture.

In addition, measures will be taken on the sidewalks, which will be widened on both sides, with the aim of improving accessibility and enhancing the safety of people with limited mobility. The adaptation of sidewalks in terms of comprehensive mobility is part of the local government’s commitment in its plan to urbanize public spaces in the city’s neighbourhoods. For this reason, the paving areas on the sidewalks near the intersection will be extended with concrete tiles, prominently, to facilitate the guidance of blind people. The budget for this intervention amounts to more than 180 thousand euros and the implementation period is three months.

To take advantage of this measure, initial modifications will be carried out before the construction of the new section of the bike lane that will connect Ronda dei Nelli with the surrounding areas of Sardinera. In this way, once the work on the Avenida de Arteixo intersection is completed, a small lane for the exclusive use of bicycles will be visible in both directions of the street.

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At the end of May, Avenida dos Malos opened a “mega” pedestrian crossing to provide continuity to the pedestrian circuit. Now, with the crossing of Artexo Street, the municipal executive takes another step. Within this project, which will create a large road with priority given to pedestrians, in the last four years, complete or partial pedestrianization has been carried out in Alcalde Marchesi, Puga y Parga, Mariscal Pardo de Cela, Oidor Gregorio Tovar and Ramón Cabanillas.

The local government’s plan is to widen the route of the pedestrian path in a section of the Sagrada Familia, in what will be the pre-intervention step in Agra do Ourzan. On the occasion of Carnival, residents of Sagrada Familia had the opportunity to find out what it would be like to live on a pedestrian street thanks to a week-long trial run. This street will be the last to undergo the redevelopment – although cars will share the space with pedestrians on one platform, they will not be able to park – since it connects to Barcelona Street, which is now pedestrianised, and from there the route will continue to the Parque Observatory Dale.

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