Daniela Parra receives an offer from Televisa and compares to Sergio Mayor’s daughter

Daniela Barra / Courtesy

Daniela Barra was caught by the press outside of Televisa San Angelo, where she admitted to completing an offer to work at the station to earn more and help her famous father, who was sentenced to 10 years and 6 months in prison. against his minor offspring, Alexa Hoffman, for corruption of minors.

Hector Barra’s daughter explained that her presence in the prestigious company was precisely to solve this labor issue, although she did not want to give too many details about it.

“They invited me to a program, so we see what happens, we see what happens. There you are going to see (what it is), we are just seeing, so if we put it together, you already know,” explained the young woman.

Daniela said the plan would greatly help with her father’s ongoing defense costs, after his lawyer announced last May that they would seek a second instance to overturn or reduce the time imposed on the actor. Spend time in jail.

Daniela Barra and Hector Barra/Agenzia Mexico

Daniela Barra and Hector Barra/Agenzia Mexico

“Thank God, I really appreciate it, it’s a blessing, if everything is done as always, we continue with tumblers and everything, but this is also dad, I’m very happy that they thought of us “, he said.

The young woman said it didn’t go too badly at a garage sale that turned things and furniture belonging to Hector, who could no longer pay rent on the place where the artist lived before his arrest. Officers.

“Yes, it sold a little, thank God, a lot of people helped us, even to store things in their homes, so what was sold was sold, what we didn’t have, we are waiting. Dad has to go home. “To use it,” he highlighted.

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Daniela Barra and Hector Barra/Agenzia Mexico

Daniela Barra and Hector Barra/Agenzia Mexico

On whether the whole legal process is complicated, Daniela said: “It is complicated, but if you have the truth and a clear conscience, if you know that you are telling the truth, then everything flows, everything will be fine. , then we are still confident that everything will go well, my dad is very confident and we are still in good shape.

Finally, Daniela Parra decided to put an end to comments on social networks comparing her to Sergio Mayor’s daughter Antonia, who was accused of influencing the Hector case.

Daniela Barra and Antonia Meyer / Courtesy

Daniela Barra and Antonia Meyer / Courtesy

“I have nothing to compare myself to them, in the end they are beautiful women, what they upload, they decide everything, and so do I, if one speaks the truth it is true because it presents itself, and I think what happened in my case, I always told the truth, I’ve always shown my face, I’ve always come out to say what I have to say, I make it clear what I know, so that reflects, “I’m not hiding anything,” he said of the controversy.

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