This is how Barcelona experienced their massive victory over Osasuna in the Spanish League – Dice

It’s over! Barcelona get three coming points against Osasuna (0-2). Jordi Alba and Ilex Moriba gave the Goman’s men the victory.

92 & # 39; Barcelona will win it, with only two points behind the Atletico captain, who will face Real Madrid tomorrow.

This was Ileix Moriba’s goal against Osasuna. Messi helped.

90 ‘three more minutes are added.

The first thing 88 ‘Jr. does is win the yellow card. Free kick to Osasuna.

87 ‘Double change in Barcelona. Petrie and Jordi leave the alpha and Jr. and Ricky Puyk enter.

84 ‘Illix Moriba scored his first goal with a Barcelona shirt. The youth team received from Messi and then outscored the defense to place the left foot shot at an angle. Barcia won 0-2.


79 ‘ This is Jordi Alpha! Messi’s pass, cut in defense, completes an alpha, but Sergio Herrera is already on top of it, giving pleasure. Close Osasuna’s target body.

76 & # 39; Smooth now Petri’s shot from the three quarter zone. Sergio Herrera focused and easy.

72 & # 39; Double change in Osasuna. Ruben Garcia and Galeri leave and Adrian and Pudimir enter.

71 ‘ This is Osasuna! Terror Center, closed, almost ends at the gate of the calorie target. The lenght is sufficiently deflected and the ball goes into a corner.

68 ‘Double change in Barcelona. Greissman and the Baskets leave, and Bright White and Elix enter.

65 & # 39; Alpha is the center of the well-anticipated Manu Sanchez. Now Osasuna got a hole for the right wing of Persia.

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62 & # 39; Change in Osasuna. Kick Barja exits and Joni enters.

58 & # 39; The rhythm of the game slowed down in this second half. More relaxed, more than Parsia wants.

55 & # 39; De Zhang takes the lead due to the lack of solutions in the pass. The play ends with a shot from the Test, which touches Moncoyola and goes into a corner.

50 & # 39; Shot on the right side of the temple in the crash at Aridan. The central sore was left on the floor.

47 & # 39; Messi tries from outside the box and the goalkeeper throws himself to avoid a second goal for Persia.

46 & # 39; There is a change in Barcelona. Temple entered Umtiti.

45 ‘ The second time starts in Pamplona!

Let’s recover! Barcelona beat Osasuna 0-1. Jordi Alba thanked Messi for his excellent pass, and Der Stegen also became a figure.

45 ‘One more minute added.

43 & # 39; Another shot from Messi, cross and flat, failed to find a target.

41 & # 39; Messi looked for a shot from the front, but the ball crashed into Aridan.

38 & # 39; Good detail from Mingusa with a center in front of the area where Greissman is not well controlled.

35 ‘ This is Barcelona’s best goal against Osasuna in El Sadar.

33 ‘ Get started again! A point-blank shot by Ruben Garcia and the goalkeeper puts his body inside to avoid a draw. German has become the epitome of this first part.

31 & # 39; Great help from Messi who came alone to Jordi Alba and shot the goalkeeper. Koman’s team won 0-1.

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30 ‘ Kuhul of Barcelona!

26 & # 39; The first warning of the match உம்திடி For a serious offense against Roberto Torres.

24 & # 39; Griezmann’s compelling title comes out softly without finding a goal.

22 & # 39; Umtiti at the new corner to Osasuna after a cross. Later, Der Stegen came out of the fists. The local team is close.

20 & # 39; Messi was alone against Sergio Herrera, who made small drops and cut the target with his hand. It was in red, actually Quadra Fernandez shows it to him, but the play is invalidated by the Argentine office. Internal VAR to clarify the situation. We continue to be 0-0.

18 & # 39; Another compelling title from the gallery ends up in the hands of Der Stegen.

15 ‘ UUUUFFFF! A title from the gallery from the corner kick that is coming out now is very overdue. Osasuna is encouraged.

13 ‘ Wonderful Der Stegen! Kick Barja’s excellent shot from the edge of the area and the goalkeeper flies to avoid the fall of his bow. The ball goes to the corner.

10 & # 39; Messi is once again looking for front-back support in the region. Now De Zhang came to get it, but he was in the wrong position.

7 & # 39; Center to the right of the gallery, but Lenlet intervenes to clear the danger.

5 & ​​# 39; Messi threw the wall with the Test, but Winger’s return did not reach its target.

4 ‘Barcelona play in its full yellow uniform.

2 ‘First warning! Galeri tried from 70 meters and caught Der Stegen. He wanted to surprise the audience with this start.

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The party has begun! Osasuna gets Barcelona in El Sadar. Messi, Griezmann and Petrie command the Persia attack.

After returning to the Copa del Rey against him Sevilla, Al Barcelona Now he has to change the chip and focus on Lalica. Agents are visiting El Sadar this Saturday Osasuna The competition day of the domestic championship is on the 26th.

Review the Spanish football level chart

The Barசa Club reaches this level without losing 15 games in a row (12 wins and 3 draws), the second best series in any of Europe’s five major leagues.

Big news on Barcelona It belongs to Griezmann. Forward has stayed on the bench for the last few games, but this time he starts in the opening 11. உம்திடி Transforming the injured Big Y Destroy He can play as a midfielder.


Osasuna: Sergio Herrera; Nacho Vidal, Ariden, David Garcia, Manu Sanchez; Torrey, Moncayola, Roberto Torres, Ruben Garcia, Guy Barza and Galeri.

Barcelona: Der Stegen; Mingoosa, Umtiti, Lenglet, Alpha; Test, Baskets, De Zhang; Petrie, Griezmann y Messi.

Time: 2:00 pm from Honduras (9:00 pm from Spain)

Transmission method: Sky Sports.

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