This is Guatemala’s second presentation at the international festival

Last December, Viña del Mar organizers announced the singers participating in the prestigious festival’s international competition. Guatemala was represented by singer Zelaya, who was selected among the three finalists of the popular festival’s competition on February 22.

From February 19 to 22, three of the six artists participating in the competition performed each night. Eli Blanchard from Mexico sang on Sunday the 19th, the first day of the Viña del Mar festival; Teo, from Colombia; and Mila Manes from Argentina. Monday 20th is Yorga’s turn from Chile; Three Fingers from Ecuador; and Zelaya, from Guatemala.

This February 23, the finals of the tournament will be held, where Yarka, Zelaya and Eli Blanchard will compete. The day will reveal who will win the Silver Sea and who will return to the Quinta Vergara stage on Friday, February 24.

“What a night family. The energy of the place, the crowd, the band, there are no words. Thank you to all my people for having me in such beautiful Chile and for being so attentive in voting. With your messages, believe me, I felt them here with me. How good it is to fulfill a dream in this way. Better Acciate”, was the message Zelaya shared after her first presentation at Viña del Mar on February 20.

Likewise, a day later, Zelaya shared some photos taken during her stay in Chile on her Instagram stories and thanked God for giving her voice back. I was looking after her to keep him calm amidst a lot of adrenaline and nerves. He said that tomorrow we will create history.

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(Free press photo: Instagram screenshot @zelayasteph).

From February 12, the date the fellow traveled to Chile to compete, He made it clear that he was fulfilling a dream and proud to represent Guatemala. “Let’s go with all my quads to leave a mark in Vina Del Mar”, was one of the messages he posted as he left for the South American country.

Since then, he has shared all the experiences he gave when he arrived in Chile, from the sound check, to the press conference, to the red carpet. He also thanked all the people for their support sending him loving messages.

Zelaya in the finals of Vina del March 2023

Hours before his second presentation, he shared that he was in sound check at the Guatemalan Quinta Vergara Amphitheater. In addition, he introduces the band that accompanies the artists during their performances.

He also showed what his dressing room looked like before the semi-finals of the competition and what the final rehearsal was like. He describes how he concentrates on the song and prepares before the performance. “Today I sing for you,” he said.

Just like her first performance, Zelaya shared a video of her outfit. For the occasion, the Guatemalan woman wore an elegant two-piece suit with an asymmetrical neckline, guishem culottes and short stiletto boots.

This 22nd of February, the Argentinian singer and composer Fito Pace opened the show, he entertained the audience in Quinta Vergara with his hits. In December 2022, a man from Rosario took a silver and gold sponge while on the “El amor 30 años después del amor tour” in Chile.

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Excited to attend the Viña del Mar festival for the fifth time, Fito Páez expressed his gratitude for the affection he has received from the Chilean people over the years. He also stressed that music is sacred, a universal language, so you have to take care of it.

Then Rodrigo Villegas made 15,000 spectators laugh. The comedian was awarded the Silver and Gold Seagull. “This is really good. Man is 70% liquid. But what we have done now is to move that liquid and create good energy. Thank you,” he said after receiving his second award.

Then it’s time International competition participants. First it was York with the song wind, Then with three fingers forgive me, Finally with Zelaya I can. The song “talks about what happens when fate gives way, when you lose something you love with all your heart as a person, and you have to learn to love it anyway,” he said. Comrade in earlier interviews.

Guatemala began his presentation by playing the piano. Seconds later he stood up to accompany the two dancers on stage. “Thank you, Vina,” he said at the end of his presentation, blowing a kiss.

Zelaya at the second presentation at Viña del Mar Festival 2023. (Free Press Photo: Vina Del Mar app screenshot)

As in previous days’ presentations, each artist received their scores at the end of the song. Yorka scored 5.9, Zelaya 5.2 and Tres Dedos scored 4.7. These notes were partial and did not include the scores of the three judges.

After the international competition, the presentation of three of the six participants of the folk competition began. The group Bazurto All Stars from Colombia sang pipe and scored 5.3; Milena Vartan from Peru hosted the event Warming up And got 6.4; Lastly, came Camilo from Argentina Little by little And got 5.2.

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Next, the hosts of the festival, Martín Cárcamo and María Luisa Godoy, announce and announce the results. Chile, Guatemala and Mexico are the three finalists for the international tournament in Viña del Mar. Frank D, from Mexico; Milena Vartan, Peru and Laya from Chile were the finalists in the folk competition.

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