Bad Bunny reappears in public with a mysterious woman

Earlier this year 2023, Bad Bunny suffered the biggest setback of his career after a video surfaced of him losing patience with one of his fans and throwing his phone into the water while trying to take a picture of it. .

Criticism from users and even his own fans did not wait, and besides calling the singer arrogant, they asked him to “cancel” him from social networks. As his music and his name began to lose popularity, this attitude influenced the translator of “Neverita”; He made his accounts private and sent a cryptic message that the world, at least online, was going to miss him.

Until now, Benito has stayed away from the cameras and the spotlight, however, last Friday he made a public reappearance at a sports event, where he attracted attention for his strange outfit and his mysterious company.

The so-called “Bad Rabbit” attended the Lakers’ game against the Grizzlies in Los Angeles, and while he tried to stay inconspicuous, his strange outfit drew a lot of attention. The reggaetonero, who has become synonymous with fashion, wears a pink sweater and a small handbag in the same color, but with a brown ski mask covering his head and face completely, only his eyes can be seen. He hid behind a pair of dark glasses.

Additionally, the most criticized of her outfit were her pants, because despite being simple jeans, they had an opening in the front, at the crotch.

What stole the attention of those who attended the event were Benito’s partners, that is, he did not come alone, but with his dancer and an attractive and mysterious blonde.

The woman, like the singer, wore glasses that covered much of her face; However, some say it was about one of the fans, Leanna Bell, who the celebrity danced on stage during his concert in Phoenix, Arizona.

His fans are left wondering what happened to Gabriela Berlingeri, who was speculated to be Benito’s official girlfriend until a few months ago. The fact is that the singer himself denied that they are a couple, although he admitted that they are best friends, he constantly shares photos and videos on his social networks.

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