This is a $1 bill that sells for $2,500,000

Beyond the cost of the dollar taken, That $1 bill you’ve been hoarding is worth a fortune Thanks for a little rarity. What do you like?

The coin and banknote collecting world is full of duplicates, either due to an error in their design, or Because it belongs to a specific seriesOr for having a particular brand, they charge a significant premium.

Among the bills that can be found on the Internet, the 1 dollar is probably the most popular. Most cost a few thousand pesos, 10 or 20 times their face value, but there is one $1 bill that stands out from the rest.

A Mercado Libre user offers a very special $1 bill for two and a half million pesos, that is, more than 5000 dollars. But why spend so much on it?

The model is from the 1957 series. On the front, on the left side, next to the face George Washington It is numbered 1 and bears the legend “This certificate is legal for all public and private loans.” On the right side, it is not the legend “One”, but it is “Washington DC” and Blue sealIt is more unique.

However, this special design of the $1 bill is not only seen on the platform, but belongs to another series. Numismatist Jose Telles has a similar copy in his shop, but from 1935 for nearly $45,500.

For its part, the local Gurchan Postage and Numismatics has the $1 bill from the previous year and sells it for more than $41,000. The characteristic detail, in this case, is the design on the backNo figure or landscape: the word “ONE” and the phrase, “one dollar.”

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