This beloved soap opera actor could go to prison for 20 years

Serge Sentel This is one Villains of TV soaps In addition Iconic The world of Mexican entertainment. In recent days it was known that this beloved actor Accused of Steal And sell 14 properties of the businessman Jorge Reynoso, who is the husband of singer Nolia. Reynoso and his sister sued Sergio Sentel Offenses of robbery, criminal association and disposal.

in the middle TV tips Released the information, later, on the show “First Hand” Sylvia Reynoso, The businessman’s sister, confirmed Sental stole The Properties They decided to sue him for this fact. “It’s a group created by the Chantella-Centella boys and occupying the property… They go by the name of Ramon Chantella Chantelle and Eduardo Chantella Chantelle, they’re their figures,” Silvia said.

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