The extraordinary research achieved by Christy Solis, wife of Marco Antonio Solis, will make you think

Wife of Cuban businessman and influencer Marco Antonio Solis, Christy Solis, usually shows her day through her Instagram social networking account; In this way, he is very close to the attentive gaze of his followers, who reach an infinite number of 294 thousand followers. He has many accounts ChristyThat is why many point to her as the main person responsible for the singer’s financial success.

Husband Christy Solis, Marco Antonio Solis, is a Mexican singer-songwriter, producer and composer who began his career when he was ten years old. He and his cousin Joel Solis In 1970 they decided to create “El Tuto Solis“, then they would change the name to “Los Sols Tarascos” and then “Los Hermanitos”. Solis”, the name of which they made their television debut in the show Cimbre en Domingo. Later they formed a band called “Los Bookies”; From this moment on, life as a composer Mark Antony It will only rise.

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