This algorithm can read your thoughts – new code

It has the ability to translate electrical signals from your brain into linguistic content.

Scientific discoveries are responsible for much of humanity’s progress. humanity. They were received enthusiastically. Even if it’s just small steps of a huge staircase that we hope will be crowned one day. But there are some very particular things, some of which appear from time to time, that cause admiration and concern. Even terrifying at times. s eastIt was done by a research team from the University of Texas, including: Design an algorithm that can read your thoughts.

Yes, as I heard. There is no trick. Specifically, as they explain from confidentiality, it is “an algorithm that processes and decodes the words a person hears and thinks while undergoing an fMRI.” Or he said in other words: The algorithm receives your brain’s electrical signals in real time and translates them into words. In this sense, and like any other AI, the more minds it reads, the more accurate it becomes at decoding references to human language. You must learn.

Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it terrible? Think of a future where authoritarian governments possess such technology and use it to control the population. Or where companies have exploited this to get into people’s heads and manipulate them more effectively through advertising or marketing. It would be destroying the last barrier to privacy. The fall of the last bastion of freedom. They will control your thoughts. They will know who you really are. What desires do you harbor? What opinions are you hiding? It looks really terrible.

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Technique needs practice

However, it is not a concern that you should have at this time. As they say from the same medium, “The program needs hours and hours of brain analysis before it can decode what a person is thinking about at all times, so it seems that The time is very far away when this tool can be used effectively and reliablyIn a sense, this discovery is just a small seed that can flourish in the future. The complexity of your mind is slipping away from the clutches of technology right now.

In addition, you also have to take into account the positive side of all this. If the technology is mastered, if it reaches an extraordinary level of efficiency, it can work on “Develop applications that act as an interface between minds and computersAccording to Japanese neuroscientist Yukiasu Kamitami, some of them can help people with speech problems communicate more effectively with the environment. In the end, technologies are neither good nor bad.

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