“They’re good”: Christian Nodal’s grandmother attacks Belinda and her mother after recent controversy

Christian Nodal Y Belinda Three months after their separation, they are still embroiled in a series of scandals. In this case from outsiders like the mother of the Spanish singer.

The latest controversy arose after the Mexican regional singer Filter the WhatsApp conversation he allegedly had with his ex-partner, Mentions that he gave money to Belinda and her family.

It was formed after Belinda’s mother Belinda Schulz Responded positively to a comment on social networks in which one user said that Belinda is happy that she is no longer dating Nodal., It even qualifies as “Naco”.

Now, in the face of this controversy, a new key figure in the Nodal family has made his statements about what happened, And she is none other than the singer’s maternal grandmother.

Nodal’s cousin, Elena Sylvia Jimenez was released on the entertainment show Madrid He lashes out at Belinda and her mother, calling them “good chatterboxes.”.

“And because he’s not blue-eyed and white, everyone who thinks he’s a nago (referring to the nod). There are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and they are good thugs“It simply came to our notice then.

In my country they are called p … Whoever goes from man to man, sorryI forgot she was white with blue eyes, sorry, sorry, ”he concluded with a strong message from family members.

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These statements generated a number of reactions with a section of the hosts of the entertainment program, Confirms that Nodal’s cousin’s comments are very aggressive.

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So far the Spanish singer and her mother have not commented on the review. But this release has generated reactions among users on social networks.

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