Jessica Cediel, in tears; He sent a stern message to the surgeon who mutilated his body

Jessica Sedile confirmed last week that the Supreme Court had ruled in her favor in her 11-year legal case. Against Doctor Martin Horacio Carrillo, She used liquid silicone on her buttocks without knowing the serious conditions it would create.

The presenter pointed out that a surgeon was sentenced to 48 months (four years) for personal injury and disqualified from practicing as a hygienist for six months because he knew what you put in. on it.

“I finally feel like I have a face to introduce myself here and talk to you, Thank you for so much love, so much affection and so much beautiful support. They were very special days, in a way, days full of many emotions, many feelings and many cries, But above all, I am very grateful to my God,” said the model.

After the court’s ruling, the woman from Bogotá spoke out RCN news And after the aforementioned doctor administered the biopolymers on him, he said that he was physically and emotionally very affected.

The model, in the same way, used the conversation with the medium to send a message to Carrillo and hinted that she hopes God will give her a lot of wisdom to come in life.

“It’s very difficult because as a patient you trust the doctor’s professional and personal ethics. Then I realized that in your innocence, you fell under the dupe of a process prescribed and manipulated by really poisonous products that threaten your health and your physical and emotional peace. It was very difficult,” he said at the beginning.

He then added: “To Martin, as I have said in different media, I wish my God to give him a lot of peace and a lot of wisdom in his heart. This is a very painful process for both parties. I do not know what is in your conscience and in your heart. From my side, I told him the truth and he knows it.

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Jessica Sediel finally revealed in an interview with News the last thing her surgeon told her before her condition began to deteriorate and the full legal proceedings against her began.

“The last thing he said to me was: ‘I forgot to tell you that a batch of fake product came out in 2009.’ Those were the last words I spoke to him. Extra-judicial and extra-judicial proceedings,” he concluded.

It should be remembered that the Criminal Chamber of the High Court of Bogota overturned the first verdict in 2019 and declared the doctor innocent, for which he was able to continue his proceedings. However, the presenter was not satisfied and, with the advice of his defence, appealed, arguing that the doctor had deceived him in good faith.

On November 10, 2021, Magistrate Jose Francisco Acuna Vizcaya’s office gave 15 business days to other procedural subjects, the defense of the accused and the Attorney General’s office.To present their arguments in support and in opposition to the appeal.

The Bogotá model, who currently resides in Miami (United States), managed to win the move after a long and seemingly endless legal battle.

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