They will review the airspace of the Valley of Mexico after complaints from residents of Huixquilucan – El Sol de México

State of Mexico.- The redesign of the airspace has caused unrest and protests from the inhabitants of some subdivisions of the municipality of Huixquilucan.

For days, settlers from various residential areas started on social networks to report than the noise of the planes is getting stronger and more frequent, this after the Federal government will change air routes.

Due to the situation, the municipal government and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) started meetings to review the redesign of the airspace in the Valley of Mexico, with the aim of finding a solution with the least possible impact for those who live in the region. residential area of ​​this municipality.

In addition, the federal agency was asked to present the details of the Master Plan for the Modernization and Restructuring of the Airspace.

Mayor Enrique Vargas del Villar reported on his social networks that he had an initial talk with the undersecretary of Transportation of that agency, Carlos Alfonso Morán Moguel, to review the air mobility model contemplated by the federal government.

“I report that I have had an initial conversation with the SCT’s undersecretary of Transportation, Carlos Morán, agreeing to review the issue of the new air routes. I appreciate your willingness to address this concern expressed by residents of the western area of ​​the Valley of Mexico, “he said.

He acknowledged the willingness of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation to inform neighbors and local authorities about the redesign that is being carried out and trusted that, as soon as possible, new alternatives can be found that make the Metropolitan Airport System viable, without affecting the patrimony families and guaranteeing the right to a harmonious life for them.

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The associations of settlers in the residential area of ​​Huixquilucan, demanded the right to be heard and taken into account in the airspace redesign plan in the Valley of Mexico, since they were not previously notified about the change of routes and this impacts directly on their hearing health, in addition to affecting the possibility of having a good rest and the added value of these residential areas, in which they have invested years of work and effort.

Finally, it should be remembered that on March 25 the federal government modified and increased air routes in Mexico City according to the federal SCT.

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