They will invest $ 1,500 million on the Barona-Enriqueville highway

President Louis Abinader yesterday gave the first decision on starting the reconstruction of the Barona-Enriqueville Highway, which will have an initial budget of about 1,500 million pesos and will affect the lives of more than 100,000 people.

“We are ready to work together to achieve economic and social progress, improve the quality of life, improve the well-being of its citizens and for a special purpose,” the president said at a ceremony in one of the provinces he visited during this time. Weekend in the Southern Region.

The highway, which has been requested by residents for years, will have two lanes of 3.65 meters each, Public Works Minister Dell Ascension said.

President Abinader also announced the intervention of Bindura Crossing and announced that the Bani Bypass would be ready by the end of next year, while Asuva in the third quarter of next year; The head of state described it as “revolutionary”.

Similarly, with the investment of 60 million pesos in the Pueblo Nuevo Ariba area, the construction of 40 eco-houses was initiated by the Presidential Directorate General of Strategic and Special Programs (ProPip). It’s on par with smart cities in the United States, Canada and Europe. “

Other activities attended by the President this Sunday include the opening ceremony of the Santo Domingo Sabio Parish Education Center (La Playa) in Palmerito for more than 102 million pesos; Also the start of the 300 Home Intervention, during a pilot project with the My Country Voucher that will translate into the first phase.

Similarly, Abinadar launched the “Pinta du Bario” project with the aim of improving the facade of at least 1,500 houses in all its municipalities in the province.

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Millionaire job
On Saturday, Louis Abinader visited Galvan, Bahorgo, and opened the Municipal Hospital, which cost more than RD $ 10,000,000, which is expected to affect more than 15,000 people in and around the community.

Investments in the south include the Los Podos and El Kuimito beaches, both in Parahona, valued at more than 83 million pesos; As part of its tourism development and economic revival plans for the region.

In Los Podos, in addition to the renovation of vendors’ plaza and parking lot, the construction of a medical dispensary, wastewater rehabilitation, beach equipment and landscaping are being considered.

While El Quemaíto is on the sidewalks and in containers, security booths, shower areas and 33 parking lots will be built. In addition there will be internet connection, security cameras and lights.

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