They will decide whether to convict the 30 police and army officers accused in the case of Corral and Corral 5G.

After several adjournments, the General Ministry began reading the charge sheet against Maj. Gen Adam Caceres Silvestre and others involved in the case Coral and Coral 5G, Before the First Collegiate Court of the National District, it hears the main trial.

Prosecutors from the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) began to elaborate on the charges. Former Chief of the Presidential Security Force (Gusep) participated and other cards.

The reading began in court led by Kissel Mendez, Tania Younes and Giselle Naranjo, who will decide whether or not to reprimand those accused of administrative corruption. About 30 policemen and soldiers.

In the investigation, prosecutors describe the types of crimes such as criminal association, fraud against the Dominican government, collusion of officials and falsification of public documents. Corruption and laundering of assets from acts of taking and possession Illegal firearms.

Likewise, they note that the criminal network dismantled by the Coral case carried out its criminal activities with pay bloat, mainly in the Presidential Security Force (Guseb) and the Special Tourist Protection Force (Cestur).

He continues to follow it Conducted fraudulent activities Movable and immovable properties, luxury vehicles and properties in various parts of the country to acquire millions of pesos.

The group has been accused of defrauding the government 4,500 million pesos Cusep and the Special Tourist Protection Force (Cestur) through irregular appointments and other anomalies.

Also accused in the Coral case are priest Rossi Guzman, his tanner Fleet Guzman, police colonel Rafael Nunez de Aza, former head of the Giuseppe Finance Department, Alejandro Montero Cruz and Major Alejandro Girón Jimenez.

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Girón Jiménez is under house arrest at a secret address provided to the court by the Public Ministry to protect his safety, as he is a key witness and collaborator of the accused organization.

Meanwhile, in the process Corel 5GDerived from Corral, are Generals Juan Carlos Torres Rubio (FARD), Bonerges Reyes Bautista (ARD) and Julio Camilo de los Santos Viola (FARD), as well as Ship Captain (ARD) Franklin Mata Flores and José Manuel Rosario Pirón. .

Also charged in the case are Carlos Landigua, Alfredo Picardo, Erasmo Roger Perez, Jehanan Lucia Rodriguez, Yehudi Plantesmil Guzman and Esmeralda Ortega Polanco.

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