A Guatemalan judge has rejected an appeal for immunity filed by Bernardo Arevalo against the attorney general.

The Supreme Court of Guatemala dismissed an appeal for immunity filed by Bernardo Arevalo against the Attorney General. (EFE)

President-elect of Guatemala, Bernardo ArevaloThen this Wednesday, the judiciary suffered a setback Supreme Court Dismiss his appeal seeking protection against Attorney General And a judge ordered the test Polling station and check the boxes with the ballots Elections The month of June.

“By the majority the Supreme Court (CSJ) decided not to order Resource Protection provided Arevalo On September 13, the senior counsel said, considering the violation of the Election Act CourtLeonel Marroquín, when reporting the resolutions Court.

Arevalo and Vice President-elect, Karin HerreraSecurity was provided with dozens of Guatemalans joining the invitation of incoming officials to join security operations. Democracy.

The president-elect later said, “The different activities we undertake are established by law and we seek the law to protect the rights that help us, but above all People of Guatemala”.

He Resourcefiled against the Attorney General, Consuelo Boras; Judge Freddy Orellana; and Head of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Impunity (FECI), Raphael KuruchichListed as “corrupt” and anti-democratic actors in the US, part of legal proceedings Arevalo It tries to protect the results of the election and it stops a project.ConspiracyHe should be prevented from taking office on January 14.

Arévalo and Vice President-elect Karin Herrera, along with dozens of other Guatemalans, provided security. (Europa Press/Contact/Fernando Chui)

First Seed movement Achieving surprising results – when compared to what polls predicted – in First round electioncelebrated on that day June 25He Public Ministry Guatemala has taken a number of measures to disqualify decisions or make political formations illegal. International community.

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With this evidence Arévalo sought to “guarantee the purity of the electoral process, to protect the announcement of the results, and in particular to protect the electoral materials”. Eddie CooksDirector of NGO Citizen actionFrom Transparency International.

Cux considered the security denial “The Supreme Court does not guarantee rights that have been violatedIt does not provide a remedy or legal certainty to protect the constitutional rights of voting and election results.

The court “escapes the responsibility of continuing the process, it does not provide a solution to the entire crisis created by this violation by the public ministry by violating the election materials,” he pointed out.

For the third day in a row in Guatemala, tribes blocked several routes on Wednesday. Boras’s resignationAccused of leading the accused Conspiracy.

A group of indigenous people blocked several routes in Guatemala, accusing them of leading an alleged coup. (Reuters)

The siege began on Monday following a raid on the electoral court’s headquarters to seize electoral registers.

What I see now looks like a coup in slow motion“Arévalo said during a non-partisan forum on Tuesday Wilson CenterIn Washington.

The Organization of American States (OAS), The European union (EU) and international organizations warned that democracy and governance were under attack. Guatemala.

(With information from AFP and Europa Press)

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