They will build a scientific building at the University of Rafaela with an investment from the national government

The national government will build a science and technology building at the National University of Rafaela, which will require an investment of more than 500 million pesos, and its structure will be built on the campus, with more than 3,400 square meters of surface. Today’s Official Spokesperson

It is a building that will consist of 9 laboratories, 20 classrooms and a workshop of approximately one hundred square meters each, for the development of environmental technologies, energy efficiency, electric and renewable energies, digital and audio-visual media.

The works, which were awarded upon award, will have a two-year implementation period, will include two longitudinal pallets, developed over two floors, and will have a space in the middle connected by metal bridges that will connect the wings of the building on the upper floor. .

Santa Fe’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Marina Baima, reported that the building will be “specifically dedicated to digital laboratories”, in line with the province’s strategy of “digitization and communication, focused on research and transformation into a productive sector”.

According to the official, there are currently no laboratories of this size in the region “at the level of new technologies, artificial intelligence, data science, and industrial design.”

He added, “It will be a pioneer in this sense and enhance what SMEs need towards industrial 4.0 digital transformation. It will be a smart and sustainable building, with water recovery, and alternative energies.”

The works are part of the National Government’s Science Inclusion Scheme, which includes 22 works in 16 provinces, with a total budget of about 10 billion pesos.

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In the case of the province of Santa Fe, the national state will invest more than 1,000 million pesos in building a science and technology building for the National University of Rafaela and another for the incubator of biotechnology projects and companies at the National University. from Rosario. (blameable)

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