They revealed the method the footballer allegedly used to cheat on Shakira and was never found out

Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their separation on July 4 Amid endless rumors about Alleged betrayal of FC Barcelona player.

As a result of these rumours, it came to light Bigway cheated on Shakira with Clara Chia Marty, The 23-year-old met the Spanish footballer while working at his company Cosmos.

In the midst of a neutral split between the two celebrities, Paparazzi Jordy Martin, He continued the case for monthsHe spoke about the gap between the Colombian singer and the Spanish central defender.

During your participation in the program Love and fire, The journalist revealed how Gerard Piguet allegedly cheated on Shakira and was never found out.

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“PQ, when he sees himself with a woman, he knows exactly what steps to take. That is, if he goes to a hotel and sees a girl, she goes first, he stops the car, goes up to the room alone, and the girl goes up alone. The girl leaves the hotel alone, he goes alone. “This is the modus operandi that Piqué has used over the years,” he said.

Jordi Martin’s surprise revelation came two weeks later The paparazzi brought to light two other infidelities of the FC Barcelona player.

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“It was a meeting with a former partner, which Bigway never forgot. Today she is happily married, she just became a mother, so she was alone. The meeting took place in Nuria’s apartment. He was in the concentration of the Spanish team, he goes to Nuria’s apartment in a taxi, and they spend two hours with each other. See, he’s back with the team,” he established.


Likewise, Jordi Martin reported that Piqué’s other alleged infidelity occurred in 2020when He cheated on Shakira with a young woman he met in a nightclub in Barcelona.

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“I have taken one from 2016 and now we are going to take one from 2020. He asked. Initials: JP It happened in a popular nightclub in Barcelona. It is unknown, it happened in the bathroom of a nightclub,” he concluded.

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