They present a law to create a memory space in Cromañón

This Thursday, survivors and relatives of massacre victims Cro-Magnon in Parliament of the Nation A project so that the building in which the bowling alley is operated will be declared “for the public benefit and subject to expropriation”, with a view to establishing “memory space“.

The initiative to create a memory space in Cro-Magnon was accepted into low camera Last week by organizations that bring together survivors and relatives of the tragedy, with the support of Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation.

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Among the associations that promote the expropriation proposal Cro-MagnonIncluding Cromañón Coordinator, El Camino es Cultural, La Matanza Relatives, Cromañón Movement, No Forgiveness, No Forgiveness, Don’t Tell Cromañón, December 30, Let It Not Repeat Without Rights There is No Justice.

In addition to the transformation initiative Cro-Magnon In his “Space of Memory” authored by Vice In front of everyone Paula Penacca and co-authorship of legislators of the vast majority of the political forces that compose it low camera.

Among the parties that support confiscation Cro-Magnon they meet In front of the left and the workers, together we are the Rio NegroAnd the Concorde Missionary FrontAnd the Federal meeting, evolutionAnd the Civil AllianceAnd the UCRAnd the forefrontAnd the socialism And the Buenos Aires identity.

Cromañón continues to harm and challenge the entire community. The persistent claim that it is a space for memory has covered the struggles for memory, truth, and justice for survivors and relatives‘, stated in a statement the organizations seeking to confiscate Former local dance.

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It should be noted that the project to convert to Cro-Magnon in memory space repeats the proposal made on several occasions in Legislature of Buenos AiresIt never thrived due to the lack of support from the ruling bloc.

Also, the confiscation initiative Cro-Magnon He points out that the place “will be used to create a space dedicated to commemorating what happened on December 30, 2004, when chaos caused the deaths of at least 194 people and thousands of injuries.”

Cro-Magnon It must preserve the elements of martyrdom in the massacre that constitute its historical and cultural value and constitute the historical memory that must be preserved. The organizations said in a statement that preventive, curative and restorative measures must be ensured within the properties.

Meanwhile, the project to convert to Cro-Magnon In the memory space, “a permanent exhibition will be created that reflects the history of what happened there, where cultural and media activities will be organized.”

What is the tragedy of Cro-Magnon?

It should be noted that on December 30, 2004, during the tenure of Mr Hannibal Ibarra How Prime Minister of Buenos AiresAnd the 194 people died and more than 1,500 were injured when they were trapped in the República Cromañón . bowling alleySince its manager Omar Shaaban Permission to increase sales for the band’s concert Street.

Shortly after the concert started StreetThe action of the torch set the half-shade on the roof of the building on fire and produced toxic smoke that was inhaled by the thousands of young people who were inside, who could not get out in time since the building’s emergency exits were locked with padlocks.

Currently building Cro-Magnon belongs to the communityNew Xarylux‘, its owner Raphael Levyis the same owner at the time of the fire, because the place was returned to him in October 2018 by a decision of Oral Criminal Court 24.

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