Aislin Terbes uses this essential oil to get porcelain skin in her 30s

Aislinn Derbez gives us an important lesson in skin care, in which the celebrity admits that integrating an essential oil into her skin care routine is ideal for having a more beautiful complexion. You will be surprised how beautiful you will look with these home remedies!

While we thought that revealing a youthful face and looking flawless and healthy was only possible with expensive treatments, we recently discovered that there are natural ingredients that can help us in that goal, so be inspired by this famous beauty secret with many benefits. for you

This is how Aislin Terbes removes wrinkles from the skin

As the celeb launched her hair and skin care products, we discovered that her look is very youthful. Her secret is to use a face soap with lots of natural ingredients like organic coconut oil, olive oil, flower tea and lavender leaves.

It is very important to use moisturizing products to clean the skin because they help maintain the texture, give a shiny finish and above all, do not dry out the face.

This is how Aislin Terbes removes wrinkles from the skin. Photo: I.G

3 benefits of using coconut oil on skin:

  • Deeply hydrates to fade expression lines.
  • Regenerates skin to reveal glowing skin.
  • Fights acne and marks on the face.

Are you trying Aislinn Derbez’s trick with essential oil to get porcelain skin in your 30s?

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