They order the arrest of former interim president Jeanine ez

(CNN Espasol) – Bolivia’s Attorney General’s Office has issued arrest warrants against former interim President Jeanine Áñez and his former ministers Arturo Murillo, Yergo Nice, Alvaro Combra, Fernando Lopez and Rodrigo Guzman, according to state-run Channel Bolivia TV.

Coimbra and Guzmியாn have already been detained in the northeastern city of Trinidad, state-run Bolivia TV reported.

CNN could not be reached on the basis of the allegations by the attorney’s office, but Áñez published in his book Twitter account The six-page picture of the arrest warrant speaks of “political persecution.” The charges are “terrorism, treason and conspiracy.”

In a document shared by the former president, the allegations are given in the framework of the investigation into a “conspiracy” investigation in 2019.

Former Presidential Minister Yerko Nice said on Twitter, “MAS who is complicit in justice goes after the hunt for former ministers.” “This complaint refers to events that took place before the government’s command,” he added.

The other defendants did not comment on the other allegations. CNN is trying to get your reaction to the government allegations.

Bolivia’s then-interim leader Jeanine Anes speaks at a press conference on November 13, 2019, the first day of his reign. Credit: George Bernal / AFP via Getty Images

Pictures from Bolivia TV showed Coyambra being loaded into a police vehicle and told he would be transferred to La Paz and that he would “always” “involve himself in removing the law”.

For his part, in statements to the press, Guzman said the prosecutor’s office had not summoned him and had expressed a desire to appear in court. “We are going to accept this as always and we will continue to be the enemies of this government,” he said.

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According to Bolivia TV, former ministers Coyambra and Guzman were transferred on a flight from Trinidad to La Paz.

This Friday a judge sentenced Admiral Flavio Ars San Martin to six months’ detention. The state-run Bolivian Information Agency (API) has said it was involved in a “conspiracy” in 2019. The public ministry demanded the arrest of the Admiral, arguing that there was a risk of flight and ban.

CNN is trying to determine how the Admiral is prosecuting and whether he has a legal team.

Was Jeanine ze afraid of political persecution? 0:59

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