They opened the Community Hall in the Los Armitos neighborhood, a bonding space for residents

The total investment of the business was $33,652,933.00, of which 10 million came from county funds and the remainder was funded by the nation.

The Governor, Jorge Capitanich, together with the Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Victoria Tolosa Paz, inaugurated the Community Center Hall of the Los Armitos neighborhood located in Resistencia, a space that connects all residents of the densely populated community, the infrastructure of which is under full development.

“Everything that social and community inclusion is about has to do with these centres, which are places of reference for the community,” said the governor, who was accompanied by Deputy Governor Analia Rush Quiroga and the province’s Minister of Social Development. . Maria Pia Chiaccio Cavanagh.

The work’s investment totaled $33,652,933.00, of which $10 million was county funds and the rest was funded by the Nation’s Social and Urban Integration Secretary’s Early Works Project.

“Previously, Los Aromitos was a settlement but we were working on the basic social infrastructure, to the point where sanitation and street works, allotments, sewers, sidewalks, a housing solutions plan were carried out and implemented in response to these demands in order to expand social empowerment mechanisms through organizing in networks,” said Capitanich. To improve the quality of life of the population.

At the same time, the president expressed that the infrastructure guarantees rights such as health and education. “These centers are enclaves because they will promote a culture of meeting. Here, for example, compliance with the FINES goal of completing education will be strengthened, as well as workshops and crafts to allow for employment. It is a community meeting space. Multiple demands exist in popular neighbourhoods,” he said. And that’s why we’re working so hard,” highlighting the target of 33,000 urban title deeds to be delivered in phases.

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The work took 13 months to complete and was carried out by the “Niño Jesús” labor cooperative, providing work for 50 construction workers.

This initiative is part of an agreement signed between the Department of Social Development of the province and the National Secretariat for Urban Social Integration (SISU), which approved the “Community Equipment Works in the Los Aromitos Neighborhood” project.

The Minister of Social Development of the Nation, Victoria Tolosa Paz, celebrated the inauguration of the CDI and was delighted to be able to accompany the “formidable administration of the Governor” in this way, noting that he himself accompanied the inception of the neighborhood as Mayor and, as Governor, “continuing to support, through financing to improve the infrastructure”, notice.

Regarding the inauguration of the CDI, Tolosa Paz emphasized that “they are spaces built with love and empathy, in which these popular neighborhoods are built, which begin, often informally, and then become formal with the state-territorial imprint that recognizes land ownership and supports the essential basic services of community spaces, as well In this case “.

Building a community hall contributes to the community development of the neighborhood’s residents, and promotes access to multiple rights, such as providing communication services, expanding health or school care, or establishing a logistics center for care and assistance.

Miguel López, a member of the neighborhood working group, expressed that it is a great achievement for the residents and the community “We are delighted with the great work that has been done with the government and those who made it possible. There are different projects to be able to occupy the room and they will even offer support classes, among Other things have already been done. In addition to training in crafts such as sewing, cooking and blacksmithing. There are about 280 to 300 families. It is a populated neighborhood. I have been here for nearly ten years. Like many neighbors, we stayed and looked for a way to work.”

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The inauguration was accompanied by the technical team of the Social Policy Implementation Unit of the Ministry of Social Development of the Chaco Province, the follow-up team of the Secretariat of Social-Urban Integration (SISU), the Board of Directors of the Community Hall and. neighborhood residents.

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