They kick Aída Victoria Merlano out of public space for her way of dressing

Aída Victoria Merlano continues to do his thing on social networks. Despite the fact that at some point she was only known for being the daughter of former congresswoman Aída Merlano, the young woman took the opportunity to make a name for herself on these digital platforms.

With her easy-going and fun personality, she has touched on spicy topics, such as sexuality, to create content that is attractive to netizens. Also, she talks about her personal life from time to time, not afraid to talk about herself and her experiences.

Now the Barranquilla is in the news for an annoying moment that she lived in her native city. It turns out that Aída Victoria Merlano published a series of Instagram Stories part of a new project, she had to dress in a white top, panties red socks, high white socks and skates, while passing by the Malecón Puerta de Oro in ‘the sandy’.

However, this was not frowned upon by the authorities, who eventually They demanded that he leave the space because of the way he dressed, this is how the influence in a series of videos:

“We were in an area of ​​the Malecón, because where there is nobody, the idea was that I was alone to be able to record and it turns out that they kicked me out of the Malecón because I can’t be in the outfit I showed him I was in because on public roads I can’t dress like that. I remember him telling me: ‘My superior says that I send him a photo of how she is dressed‘, I said,’ Excuse me? I am not naked, that is, I am even more dressed than people on the beach and I come to create content for a brand, it is a work issue ‘”.

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