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Katia Echazarita, the first Mexican woman to go into space, shared on her social networks that mission Grandpa accompanied herWho inspired him to realize his dream.

The Blue Origin New Shepard NS-21 mission was operated by a Mexican woman and some of her grandfather’s ashes, as she recounts on Tik Tok ‘Two Mexicans Went to Space’.

“At launch I felt the vibrations,” Katia Echazarita described her experience on the flight Released by Blue OriginAnd the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

At an event organized by the Mexico City government in early August, Katia Echazarita’s participation in NASA was acknowledged.

The 27-year-old explained that her experience in space was “the most beautiful” thing that ever happened to her in life and recounted how it was. Stay in the “stars”.

He admitted that on the day of his flight into space he was very afraid, but did not give up and faced it: “When I arrived on the day of my mission I was very afraid, but not because we are afraid means we will not, fear is normal, Fear is very humanYou will get nervous, but you still have to do it, do it with fear.”

He also detailed how his The first few seconds after launch: “You feel the vibrations, in the windows around you start to see the color of the chemical reaction that, in a few seconds, is about to take you into space and you see everything orange, you see the whole desert, the sale is huge.”

Katia Echazarita from Mexico for NASA

One of his best experiences, highlighting Also an electrical engineerhe was contemplating the sky, which he observed as if it was a dark blue gate.

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“My favorite experience is seeing how the sky changes color because when you rise, you see the blue sky… When it goes up a little, it looks like a circle, It looks like a gate, like a sky at nightDark blue sky,” he said.

After appreciating the sky and space, the rocket separated from the capsule: “You look at that picture and Seconds later, you already see the spaceYou don’t even notice the difference, it’s fast and feels great.

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