They honored Miguel Cabrera: Venezuela exhibited murals

Miguel CabreraBest player ever given Venezuela. In a long career The big leaguesIt made history by winning twice A very valuable playerIn addition to being a 12-time All-Star and winning a World Series Miami Marlins In 2003.

Amassed over 3000 hits, 500 home runs and one hit Triple Crown Batting makes him an absolute reference for millions of Venezuelans who see him as an inspiration to achieve their dreams. But it emerges as a source of artistic expression, honoring him in many ways.

Tributes are paid to him across the country. This has already been seen in the past Home Run Derby At Simón Bolívar Memorial Stadium in Caracas, a crowd gave the player a standing ovation after he retired at the end of the last MLB campaign. Greetings.

If he achieves this, he will be only the second maracaero in Venezuela's history after Luis Aparicio, who joined in 1984.

Miguel Cabrera was honored in his hometown of Marrakesh

In MarakeThe city where he was born Miguel Cabrera 41 years ago, he was praised in a very different way, with a series of murals that went viral on social networks as soon as they became known.

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“Miguel Cabrera” has become a trend since the couple's murals went viral. Some say it's not the sameThe publication says.

After the post, several Venezuelan users commented on the appearance Miguel Cabrera It is reflected in these murals.

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