Best tricks to read WhatsApp messages without opening chats

Using the Notifications section, you can manage WhatsApp messages without opening the app. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvi)

When we receive a message on WhatsApp, we don't always want the other person to open the conversation and see that we have already read the content. Although there are privacy options to avoid this notification, there are other methods that allow you to read messages without entering the chat or app.

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Some of these methods allow the other person to respond. All from options outside the Meta platform, but they are part of the functions of the cell phone and can be used without installing additional applications and without risking the security of our data.

So we're going to show you four simple tricks so you can read those chats without opening them and create a read receipt.

Read and respond to notifications

The first efficient way to read messages without opening the chat is to use pop-up notifications. This trick is less invasive and available on all current versions of Android and iOS. Here's how to configure it:

Make sure WhatsApp notifications are enabled. On Android, go to 'Settings' > 'Notifications' and check that both message notifications and push notifications are enabled. On iOS, go to 'Settings' > 'Notifications' and make sure WhatsApp is allowed to send notifications and previews are enabled.

When you receive a message, don't open the app directly. Instead, swipe down on the notification bar to preview a received message. You can read part of the message here without opening the conversation.

On many devices, you can reply directly from the notification without opening WhatsApp. This is especially useful if you need to respond quickly without appearing online.

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This method allows you to maintain your privacy and avoid the pressure to respond immediately, as senders will not know that their messages have been read.

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