They hold a round table “Women with Knowledge”

Zacatecas. It is necessary to implement activities that have a positive impact on students' training, and at the same time allow them to broaden their perspective regarding investigative activity, as emphasized by the Director of the Academic Unit of Law (UAD) of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), Raúl García Pérez, at the opening of the roundtable entitled “Women with knowledge.”

This came within the framework of the permanent international symposium “Studies of Social Complexity” in its eighth edition, in the Academic Unit of Law, which was called for by the Academy of Political Economy and Legal Sociology, in addition to the academic bodies: Education, Society, Development, Global Capital, Development, Sustainability, and Applied Chemistry.

The roundtable was held in the multipurpose room of the UAD, and the discussion participants were: specialists: Liliana Villa Vazquez, Marlene Hernandez Ortiz, and Cristina Saray Contreras Martinez, and was moderated by researcher Fabiola Maldonado Gonzalez.

This activity was in memory of teachers Jaime Santillan Rojas, Enrique Victor Rodriguez Aguirre, Ignacio Espinosa García, and Juan José Márquez Valerio, teachers at UAD. It should be noted that the event was developed through questions asked in advance by the attending students, which allowed them to hear directly from the participants how rewarding it is to conduct research, because it contributes significantly to their professional training and is a relevant way to solve problems of varying complexity that arise in society.

On the part of the organisers, researcher Professor Martín de Jesús Cardoso Pérez indicated that the aim of the event had been achieved, in the sense of awakening interest among future lawyers in investigative activity, because this activity helps prepare them on the required and essential paths for the development of cognitive abilities, especially those related to creativity, allowing The student must adapt the necessary elements to delve into the essence of phenomena with the support of the scientific method, and this is of great importance in the process of their academic training, with the emphasis that research is not limited to researchers, but rather is accessible to anyone interested in research, with the commitment and desire to train in it.

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