They filter millions of passwords for Gmail, Outlook, Netflix and more

A new security breach was discovered this week that allowed a group of cyber attackers to steal emails and passwords for various services, including Netflix, LinkedIn, and Bitcoin, and of course access to email from Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail.

How do you know if your data has been leaked?
To verify that your credentials are for sale, you must enter the following link and place it in your Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail email or anything else you use to sign in to your digital services.

Fortunately, after the hack, this content was removed from most forums, which is why you are advised to update your passwords as soon as possible if you believe they may have been violated or infringed.

How to create a strong password?
First Tip The same password should not be used for multiple services as this increases the chances of losing accounts after an attack.

The second recommendation is to enable 2-step verification on all services as soon as possible, as can be done quickly and easily in the case of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

Another tip is to avoid using consecutive passwords that contain pure numbers or consecutive characters. It is also important to combine numbers, letters and special characters with at least 10 digits.

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