Historic change: The Champions League will never change again! UEFA wants to leave groups! What will the league look like?

At the end of the 2023-2024 season of the Champions League, the current contract for TV rights and sponsorship expires.

Many clubs are pushing for a change in the Champions League format, and the UEFA is finally asking.

Thus, in a meeting between UEFA representatives and several Premier League leaders on Thursday, the plan The new format of the Champions League. Athletes present changes that will be made in the most important competition between European clubs.

First, the team level disappears from the league. The number of teams will rise to 36 compared to the current 32, but the extra seats will not reach the ‘poor’. Romania is definitely waiting.

Depending on the coefficients, each team will play a draw 10 games in the fall: 5 at home and 5 away.

The top 8 places automatically go to the ‘Eighth’ Champions League at the end of 10 games, with the next 16 clubs making the playoffs for the remaining 8 places.

What do the giants want from this move? Of course, more money. The more elimination contests, the more shares, the more returns.

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